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A penetration test is a coordinated and scaled set of intrusion activities attempted from the adversarial view of a hacker. The goal of a penetration test is to determine what can be accomplished and with what level of difficulty within estimated time frames. A penetration test would produce a report that defines the results of the risk exposure items postulated in the Level II Assessment.

The following items are explored:

  • Brute Force Password Attempts
  • Wireless Redirection and Data Interception Attempts
  • Physical Intrusion Attempts
  • Known Exploit Attempts
  • DNS Redirection Attempts
  • Other Aggressive Testing Methods


- Tom Spring
The latest in a flurry of actions this week, tied to foreign threats against U.S. computer systems, includes sanctions by the Department of the Treasury.
- Lindsey O'Donnell
The COVID-19 pandemic, coupled with an explosion in the number of connected devices, have led to a swelling in IoT infections observed on wireless networks.
- Tara Seals
An investigation showed a custom backdoor RAT and the Emotet trojan in the networks of municipal victims of the attacks.
- Joseph Carson
There are many areas of the election process that criminal hackers can target to influence election results.
- Becky Bracken
With Election Day approaching, local governments need to be prepared for malware attacks on election infrastructure.
- Tara Seals
Dr. Reddy's, the contractor for Russia’s “Sputinik V” COVID-19 vaccine and a major generics producer, has had to close plants and isolate its data centers.
- Lindsey O'Donnell
Versions of Nvidia GeForce Experience for Windows prior to are affected by a high-severity bug that could enable code execution, denial of service and more.
- Elizabeth Montalbano
Sopra Steria hit with cyber attack that reportedly encrypted parts of their network on Oct. 20 but has remained mostly mum on details.
- Becky Bracken
Trump’s weak Twitter password and lack of basic two-factor authentication protections made it shockingly simple to hack his account, Dutch security researcher Victor Gevers reported.  
- Tara Seals
An elaborate set of redirections and hundreds of URLs make up a wide-ranging tech-support scam.


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