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In the US reporting is mandatory within 30 days of a data breach.

There are also certain laws requiring various notification methods to alert affected individuals given the scope of the release.

In Canada we have no such reporting requirements and therefore have no way of knowing how breaches that a Canadian Company may experience line up with the American experience.

Identity Theft Resource Center has released its 2015 Current Summary and the data we take from it is very interesting. The number of records released from Healthcare related organizations constitute the largest amount of released records however the Business Category represents the most breaches.

Canadians tend to follow closely with our neighbors to the South and as such it is suspected that our results would be similar if mandatory reporting existed here.

Official source ITRC Report


- Elizabeth Montalbano
Phishing Campaign Dangles SharePoint File-Shares
Attackers spoof sender addresses to appear legitimate in a crafty campaign that can slip past numerous detections, Microsoft researchers have discovered.
- Lisa Vaas
We COVID-Clicked on Garbage, Report Finds: Podcast
Were we work-from-home clicking zombies? Steganography attacks snagged three out of eight recipients. Nasty CAPTCHAs suckered 50 times more clicks during 2020.
- Becky Bracken
Iranian APT Lures Defense Contractor in Catfishing-Malware Scam
Fake aerobics-instructor profile delivers malware in a supply-chain attack attempt from TA456.
- Tara Seals
Ransomware Volumes Hit Record Highs as 2021 Wears On
The second quarter of the year saw the highest volumes of ransomware attacks ever, with Ryuk leading the way.
- Tom Spring
Raccoon Stealer Bundles Malware, Propagates Via Google SEO
An update to the stealer-as-a-service platform hides in pirated software, pilfers crypto-coins and installs a software dropper for downloads of more malware.
- Elizabeth Montalbano
‘DeadRinger’ Targeted Exchange Servers Long Before Discovery
Cyberespionage campaigns linked to China attacked telecoms via ProxyLogon bugs, stealing call records and maintaining persistence, as far back as 2017.
- Lisa Vaas
‘PwnedPiper’: Devastating Bugs in >80% of Hospital Pneumatics
Podcast: Blood samples aren’t martinis. You can’t shake them. But bugs in pneumatic control systems could lead to that, RCE or ransomware.
- Becky Bracken
Chipotle Emails Serve Up Phishing Lures
Mass email distribution service compromise mirrors earlier Nobelium attacks.
- Becky Bracken
NSA Warns Public Networks are Hacker Hotbeds
Agency warns attackers targeting teleworkers to steal corporate data.
- Elizabeth Montalbano
Novel Meteor Wiper Used in Attack that Crippled Iranian Train System
A July 9th attack disrupted service and taunted Iran’s leadership with hacked screens directing customers to call the phone of Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei with complaints.


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